Thursday, September 14, 2017

How can I reconfigure PCF DEV VM with different size of memory?

Sometimes you might get an error message as Insufficient memory wen you try to deploy apps in to pcf environment. Then you need to reconfigure your VM with more memory as below.

1. First you need to stop or destroy your running CF DEV env if there is already running environment.

cf dev stop
cf dev destroy

PCF Dev VM has been destroyed.

2. Then uninstall the current env

sudo cf uninstall-plugin pcfdev

Uninstalling plugin pcfdev...
Plugin pcfdev 0.27.0 successfully uninstalled.

3. Then re install the plugin by running the below command in your extracted zip folder. E.g., -> pcfdev-v0.26.0+PCF1.10.0-linux


Plugin successfully installed. Current version: 0.27.0. For more info run: cf dev help

4. Now re start allocating the memory in mega bytes

To change the allocated memory, run the following command, replacing NEW-ALLOCATED-MEMORY with the amount of memory you want to allocate in megabytes:
$ cf dev start -m NEW-ALLOCATED-MEMORY

By default, PCF Dev tries to allocate half of the memory available on your host machine, with a minimum of 3GB and a maximum of 4GB.

cf dev start -m 4000

Reference :