Thursday, August 3, 2017


I have been writing lot of posts about WSO2 ESB. But have you ever thought why we should use WSO2 ESB over other competitors? Have a look at Samisa's article.
Below points are taken from his article.

WSO2 advantages over competitors

  • Ability to easily integrate any component framework. Support of Java based extensions and multiple scripting options. There is no need to have WSO2 specific code to integrate anything with WSO2 ESB
  • Numerous built-in message mediators, solution templates and connectors to third-party cloud systems to help cut down redundant engineering efforts and enable significant component reuse
  • Freedom for architects and developers to pick and choose message formats, transports, and style of services they want to expose using the ESB
  • Component oriented architecture and cloud and container support enables you to deploy the ESB using a topology of your choice based on your needs in a secure, scalable and adaptive manner
  • The ready-made scripts and tools help with rapid deployments, ensuring the ability to go to market quickly with your solution using the ESB
  • Continuous innovation that helps build future proof solutions on top of the ESB
  • Rigorous and frequent product update cycles and state-of-the-art tooling support for managing ESB deployments with DevOps practices. Using Docker descriptors and Puppet scripts
  • Proactive testing and tuning of performance and innovation around performance enhancements