Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to Debug WSO2 Developer Studio tooling platform

This blog post shows you how to debug WSO2 Developer studio tooling platform

I have selected developer studio kernel plugins to debug in this sample.

1. First of all you have to find the correct source you are going to debug from

2. Once you checked out the code in to GIT, you have to download related eclipse. It is not a must to install P2 features when you need to debug.
E.g., To debug 3.8.0 appcloud.utils I have downloaded eclipse mars2.

3. Then import the particular source code in to eclipse as an existing maven project. This might install all the dependencies and ask to restart the eclipse. You need to press ok.

4. Then select the particular package you need to debug and then click on Run -> Run As -> Eclipse Application. In this sample I have selected org.wso2.developerstudio.appcloud.utils.client

If you cannot find the Eclipse Application you can add it by Run Configurations ->  Double click on Eclipse Application and add a new application and provide a  preferred name.

5. Click on Run. If it popups any errors, if it is not affected to your package, proceed with it.

6. Then you can press OK if you wish to point to the same workspace.

7. Once you run the application, to debug the code, follow the same steps in Run -> Debug As -> Eclipse Application. If you do not find Eclipse Application, Debug Configurations -> Double click on Eclipse Application and add a new application and provide a  preferred name.

8. It will load a new eclipse.

9. Now you can mark the debug points in the code and proceed with the tooling features in the loaded eclipse to debug the code.

10. Click yes to open the debug perspective.

11. It will load the debug mode of the source.