Thursday, September 5, 2013

WSO2 Governance Registry (GREG) Check-in Client

The Check-in Client is a tool used to replicate the resources tree in the Governance Registry into your file-system or to a dump file. Much like a version control system like Subversion (SVN), you can do checkout, check-in and update operations using this tool.

To read more, check this link.

This feature can be used in 2 ways.
1. Super Admin users.
2. Tenant users.

Role -Admin - Super Admin

1. To checkout via admin, use the following command in bin.

sh co https://localhost:9443/registry/ -u admin -p admin

2. It will create a folder called _system.

3. To checkin a file you create inside governance, use the following steps.

First to create a file, go in to governance inside _system and,
vi readme_admin

It will create a file named readme_admin.

4. To add it to the repository, (you have to run checkin-client from the bin)

sh ../../ add readme_admin https://localhost:9443/registry/ -u admin -p admin


 sh ../../ add readme_admin -u admin -p admin

5. To check the status,

 sh ../../ status

6. To commit the file,

 sh ../../ ci -u admin -p admin

For a different tenant/ Tenant User

E.g., Tenant is created as
A role inside - ushaniR
users inside ushaniR - ushani/pwrd-ushani, ushani1/pwrd-ushani1

1. To checkout via a tenant, use the following command in bin.

sh co https://localhost:9443/t/ -u ushani1    -p ushani1

2. To add a file in to repository,

sh ../../ add readme_ushani1

3. To commit.,

sh ../../ ci -u ushani1 -p ushani1